A downloadable game for Windows

Just a tiny little techdemo I worked on the side of my main project.

There's not many gameplay mechanics and it's missing a lot of things that should be in a game, however, this was put together in a couple days while I worked on my main project, Kiara.


Pixlverse.zip 58 MB


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The shooting part on the planet is very cool and absolutely awesome, but I don't get the part about the 'overworld' ... apart from getting lost, I don't know what it's doing. Which is sad, since it's killing much of the great experience.

Also, the controls for confirming messages / info is unclear to me, I just messed around with the keyboard until the game continued.

Overall a very good, pretty short, experience.

Yeah, this was just something I put up quickly in the side while working on my main project, Kiara. I didn't have the time to add anything else apart from the one mission thing on the planet. Thank you for playing though!